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4000 Somali Migrants Are Set To Be Deported

Illegal immigrants enjoyed the privilege of former president Barack Obama presidency for the last eight years to enter and stay in the United States and enjoy all of the benefits, even more than the American citizens, because the previous administration treated them with bigger priority than our own people, at the cost of our safety.

These immigrants also became comfortable to request the fulfillment of their vast religious demands, and our own citizens were the one that needed to subjugate to them.

Luckily for us, President Trump is in charge now, and with Obama out of office, around 4,000 immigrants with the same demands just received a shocking surprise from our officials.

President Trump’s executive order that bans immigrants from the seven potentially risky countries received a lot of negative feedback from the liberals who blocked every single turn by President Trump. Nevertheless, even since he signed it, we started deporting a big number of people.

The Democrat managed to block this order, but the current administration still found a way to deport around 4,801 Somali Muslim migrant criminals. The Somalia ambassador to the United States that at least 237 Somali migrants whose asylum applications were denied, were deported back to Mogadishu. And even more, are expected for deportation at the end of this month.

We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in books of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be removed are close to 4000. The Somalian ambassador said: Most of them are not in detention centers.

Farmajo, the President of Somalia, also had something to say about this:

It is part of my responsibility to talk about this issue with the U.S. Government by conveying our message to the President and his government that the Somali people are really good, hard working people. They raise their families in the world in the United States. So we will see if he can change that policy and exclude Somalis from that list.

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